Commission on Bryophytes

Ros (Secretary); Aleffi, Blockeel, El-Saadawi, Ganeva, Herrnstadt, Kürschner, Mazimpaka, Sabovljević, Sergio.


2004. This Commission held a virtual meeting in July 2004 via e-mail as the majority of its members were unable to attend the meeting in Belgrade. With regard to the hepatic and moss checklists, work will be continued during the next three years.  A bryological excursion will be organised by Marko Sabovljevic to an interesting region of the ex-Yugoslavia within 1-2 years. Tom Blockeel will organise another excursion to Greece within 3-4 years. The Secretary of the Commission will seek funds in order to organise bryological courses on problematic genera. Lastly, the bryologists participating in this Commission were requested to send the Secretary a list of their published papers by the end of the year in order to start compiling recent bryophyte literature.