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This page lists software which is used in collection management. It is an uncritical listing, the software has not been tested or approved by the subgroup in any way. The selection is based on the following criteria:

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Multiple Collection Types


BioOffice - Database and GIS / Datenbank und geographisches Informationssystem. 

BIOTICA - Systema de Información. [Look under "Sistema de Información BIÓTICA".]

BIOTA - The Biodiversity Database Manager.

* DEMUS - museum collection system (currently only in Czech).  

* KE EMu - Electronic Museum.

FieldNote - Mobile computing in a fieldwork environment. 

* Multi MIMSY 2000.  


SAMPADA - Natural History Collection Database Software. 



TAXIS - Taxonomic Information System:

VERNON - Collection Management System: 

Botanical Gardens

Bauble Biodiversity Collection Manager.

BG-BASE Collections Management Software.
BG-MAP Botanical Garden Mapping System/GIS [for BG-Base]. 

Calypso.  [Russian:] 

IRIS - Botanical Garden.

Herbarium collections

Bauble Biodiversity Collection Manager.

BibMaster - A database application for nomenclature, literature and specimen management.

BRAHMS - Botanical Research And Herbarium Management System. 

HERBAR - una aplicación en MS-Access para la gestión de herbarios.

The PANDORA taxonomic database system.

PLabel: Herbarium Label Program. 

TRACY - A Herbarium Management System.

University of California Davis Herbarium Management System.

Virtual Herbarium Express. 

Entomological collections

Mantis - A Manager of Taxonomic Information and Specimens.


Surveys / Observations

AditSite Wildlife Recording System 

AviSys Birding Database Software 

BIRDBASE and BIRDAREA Birding Software 

Birder's Diary by Thayer Birding Software 

Bird Info for Windows - Birding Software 

Bird Recorder 32 


Field Map - Tool designed for computer aided field data collection

LANIUS Bird Sighting Database 

LANIUS Excalibur 2.0 - The Ornithological Database for the Natural World 

LEPILIST Lepidoptera Listing Software 


Palaeontological collections

PaleoTax - Information System for Palaeontologists.

Other software sites:

Digital Taxonomy, Database Software 

Data quality control (here: distribution mapping and modelling)

Jones P.G. and Gladkov, A. (2001). Floramap Version 1.01. Cali, Colombia: CIAT.

Hijmans, R.J., Guarino, L., Bussink, C., Barrentes, I. and Rojas, E. (2003) DIVA-GIS Version 3. A geographic information system for the analysis of biodiversity data.

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