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NCU-3e. Names in Current Use for Extant Plant Genera

NCU-3e. Names in Current Use for Extant Plant Genera

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About NCU-3e

The database has been generated from word processor files used for producing the camera-ready copy of the printed volume of NCU-3. Numerous corrections of detail have already been effected, so that the e-version in some respects represents an update of the printed version. We hope that in the current version (1.0) we have succeeded in eliminating most of the errors introduced in the conversion process.

The printed edition of NCU-3 was published in 1993 by Koeltz Scientific Books for the International Association for Plant Taxonomy as vol. 129 of the Regnum Vegetabile series. It contains the foreword by David Hawksworth, and acknowledgements of institutional support and personal contributions. The introduction by Werner Greuter outlines the principles that continue to govern the format of the database edition.

The electronic version will be continuously improved, expanded and updated, (a) to correct inconsistencies of format, (b) to rectify errors and omissions in the present entries, (c) to add wanting items and delete inappropriate ones, and (d) to account for post-1990 names not presently included. New versions will be made available at intervals.

All interested users are invited to submit their suggestions.

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