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[Graphis cf. dumasti]

Fissurina cf. dumastii Fée
Papua New Guinea, leg. H. Sipman 36112 (B).
A species with uncarbonized, "gaping" margins, a member of a poorly understood, but widespread complex which prefers shady forest habitats, previously included in Graphis on account of the hyaline, bacillar spores.
[picture height = 5 mm]

[Graphis persicina]

Graphis persicina Meyen & Flotow
Papua New Guinea, leg. H. Sipman 21834 (B)
a species with prominent, carbonized and closed margins;
many species look superficially very similar, in particular such growing on branches and twigs in the canopy or in secundary growth and gardens.
[picture height = 5 mm]

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