Catalog of lichens in Romania 1998

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Abstract: CATALOG OF LICHENS IN ROMANIA by Dr. Maria Ciurchea, 1998.
A catalog is presented of all 1202 lichen species known from Romania up to 1998. It is based on published references and selected herbarium material. Classification, taxonomically relevant publications, synonyms used for Romanian records, references for Rumanian reports and a survey of known localities are presented.

Web-edition prepared by D. Ciurchea. Edited and web-posted by H. Sipman, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, May 2004


The lichen flora of Romania has been studied since over 150 years and the results are found in over 300 publications. Moruzi et al. (1967) presented a survey (in Romanian) of all available floristic information. Following practice of that time, these authors included many infraspecific entities, listing a total of 2575 taxa. Since those days much new information on the Romanian lichen flora has become available. Infraspecific entities for classification are no longer used unless evidence for genetic differences are available. And the application of new methods and character complexes has changed the classification of lichens dramatically. Therefore it became urgent to present a new survey of the available information, using taxonomic units as currently accepted in the lichenological community worldwide.

The present catalog presents systematics, nomenclature and taxonomy of the lichen species and "allies" (groups usually studied by lichenologists) known from Romania before 1998. It is based on a reevaluation of information included in Moruzi, Petria and Mantu (1967) and the evaluation of much additional literature, not only from the period 1967-1997, but also including some overlooked earlier publications. Some significant unpublished information from specimens conserved in the herbarium of the "Babes-Bolyai" University in Cluj-Napoca [CL] is added. The taxonomy is updated until 1998, as far as accepted by the author.

For the arrangement the following main groups are used:
C. ASCOMYCOTINA: Pyrenocarpeae,
D. ASCOMYCOTINA: Gymnocarpeae.

Within these groups, the alphabetic order is used for the orders within a class, for the families within an order, genera within family, and species within genus.
Infraspecific taxa are not separated.
For the supraspecific taxa selected nomenclaturally relevant publications are cited. For the species relevant literature about their current taxonomic position and their occurrence in Romania is presented, names used (usually but not necessarily synonyms!), symbols for substrate characterization as explained below, and a survey of localities where they were found.

For information on relief, altitude and hydrology of Rumania, see hydrologic map.

Symbols used for substrate characterization:
*    = corticolous;
*|   = lignicolous;
**   = tericolous;
**| = muscicolous;
*** = saxicolous;
||| = parasitic species, not lichenizing.

Other abreviations:
C.L.U. = Catalogus Lichenum universalis [826];
H.U.C. = Herbarium of the "Babes-Bolyai" University Cluj-Napoca;
l.c. = This work (lucrarea curentã);
Litt.: = Nomenclature relevant publications;
fãrã indic. loc. = the collecting site is not defined;
ex. = example;
com. = administrative village;
jud. = county.

The literature references are divided in three blocks. The first two concern the occurrence of lichens in Rumania. The first contains the literature after 1967, the publication of the preceding catalog, the second that before 1967, and includes references not treated by Moruzi et al. (1967). The references of the these blocks are numbered in order to save space in the species accounts. The third block includes references about the taxonomy of the suprespecific taxa and such refered to in other text parts. These are unnumbered and referred to in the usual way.