Resource Identification for a Biological Collection Information Service in Europe

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Questionnaire for laboratories (institutes, projects, organisations) holding biological collections or survey data

This questionnaire is an abbreviated version of BioCISE's downloadable "laboratory questionnaire". If you hold a computerised collection information system yourself, we would greatly appreciate if you fill in the "database questionnaire" and mail it to us.
Entries made here will be incorporated into the BioCISE Collection Catalogue only after authentication. Please excuse the delay, you will be notified by email.

Laboratory name:
Webpage (URL):
Primary contact person:
Phone: e-mail:

Is your laboratory part of a larger legal entity or organisation?


Is your laboratory using (or constructing) at least one database to manage your collection(s) or survey(s)?


Is there a central organisational or advisory body or data co-ordinator within your laboratory specifically dealing with biological collection information systems?


Do you have formal co-operation agreements with other organisations or labs in the field of biological collection or survey databasing and management?


Expertise in biological collection information systems (CIS, including survey databases as used e.g. in floristic mapping programmes):

No expertise present
Our laboratory builds such information systems as a service
Our experts are possibly available for consultation in CIS design and implementation
Our experts can review funding proposals or offers for CIS design and implementation
Our experts might be able to help, but only after a contact person has been approached
  (please enter contact person):
No expertise can be offered

The following section serves to give you an opportunity to present your laboratory on the BioCISE World Wide Web site. This may be a short text including a hyperlink to your webpage, or a text of not more than 500 words if your institute is not accessible on-line.

Please briefly indicate the kind and approximate number of objects in your collection, or give a reference to another source (e.g. a hyperlink).

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