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The BioCISE survey of European* biological collections
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Results of the Survey

The survey was concluded; however, corrections can still be submitted to the former BioCISE secretariat while the Collection Catalogue remains on-line. It currently contains information on more than 2500 laboratories (institutes, organisations, and projects) in Europe* and Israel. In addition, information provided by several national and thematic networks is accessible. BioCISE thanks all organisations and societies which supported the survey

The results of the survey were summarized and published in the BioCISE booklet: which was mailed in hardcopy to all respondents.

Who was asked to participate in the survey?

All laboratories in the EU, the Candidates for EU-Membership and associated states and Israel which hold biological collections (including survey data, see our definition of "Biological Collection"), especially those which are not yet networked in an organisation providing a common access system to their collection units (or observation datasets). The size of the collection was not a decisive factor; we were specifically interested to include smaller and/or highly specialised collections

How to correct or add your catalogue entry

You can either download the questionnaires (available in English, French and German) and send them to us or start by using the web version of the BioCISE laboratory questionnaire. You can also request the questionnaires from the following address:
BioCISE, BGBM, Königin-Luise-Str. 6-8, D-14195 Berlin.
Email: Fax: +49 30 84172 954

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