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Printed version ISSN 0376-5016, published by the Secretariat of OPTIMA.

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OPTIMA Newsletter is a news journal for the presentation and discussion of issues pertinent to Mediterranean botany, published by the Secretariat of Organization for the Phyto-Taxonomic Investigation of the Mediterranean Area. The editors welcome the submission of news, items and articles by all interested parties. Please send articles to:

OPTIMA Secretariat, Dpto. Biología Vegetal, E.U.I.T. Agrícola, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, E-28040 Madrid, Spain.Tel.: (34) 1-5545800 Ext. 210. Fax: (34) 1-3365656. E-mail: iriondo@


The following numbers are available in the WWW:

N°. 30(e) April 1996:     

N°. 31(e) February 1997:

N°. 32(e) November 1997:

N°. 33(e) July 1998:

N°. 34(e) June 1999:

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