Current Publications:

OPTIMA Newsletter - Flora Mediterranea - Bocconea


In addition to OPTIMA Newsletter, OPTIMA supervises the edition of Flora Mediterranea and Bocconea, two publications dedicated to biogeography, floristics and systematic botany.


  • OPTIMA Newsletter; our news journal for issues around Mediterranean botany,
    including Reviews and Notices of Publications; available on Internet: Nr. 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35
  • Flora Mediterranea; a journal published annually, dealing with the study of biogeography, floristics and systematic botany in the Mediterranean area.
  • Bocconea; this series represents supplementary volumes of Flora Mediterranea, devoted to monographies and major works on Mediterranean botanical subjects.
  • Special discounts on this and other literature for OPTIMA members.


OPTIMA Membership:
Ordinary OPTIMA Members receive a free subscription to Flora Mediterranea and benefit from a 20% discount in the subscription to Bocconea. Institutional members receive free subscriptions to both journals. If you think about joining us, please have a look to the Membership Application form.

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