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TDWG 2000: Digitising Biological Collections
Taxonomic Databases Working Group, 16th Annual Meeting
Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany, November 10-12, 2000


Roemantyo* , Bambang Hartoko*, Suhardjono*, Ibnu Maryanto*, Basuki B. Mulyono* & S.E. Pratignjo*

Indonesia Biodiversity Information System (IBIS): an application system for biological collection management in Indonesia

* Research and Development Centre for Biology - LIPI, Jl. Juanda 18 Bogor, 16122, Indonesia.


IBIS was developed based on specimens deposited at the Botany and Zoology Division. The system covers information on specimen components, locality and time of collection, collector's name, information on the determination history, and additional information such as local usage and local names. 
Reference tables in the system offer a list of taxon names of the Indonesian flora and fauna, Indonesian geocodes, and names of collectors and researchers. At present, records exist on approximately 240,000 flora specimens and 150.000 fauna specimens, as well as about 1.000.000 scientific names used for the flora and fauna of Indonesia, and 64.000 records of geo-code related information. 
Oracle 8.0 is used as the database management system and the application was developed under Visual Basic 6.0. Other software such as Map Object version 1.1 and ArcView 3.1/Arc View IMS are used especially for the display of distribution maps. Operating systems used include Unix Sun Solaris 2.5.1. server and Window NT 4.0 /95 workstations. 

As a National Scientific Reference Centre on Biodiversity in Indonesia we feel responsible to provide user access to the data. As a consequence, applications are established to serve users from scientific and other groups with an interest in biodiversity in Indonesia. The current system is thus further developed by (i) completing locality information, (ii) a LAN service of textual information and distribution maps, and (iii) the information service on the Internet (Website). 

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This meeting was co-sponsored by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) 

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