Senckenberg Research Institute and Museum, Frankfurt

Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

TDWG 2000: Digitizing Biological Collections

Taxonomic Databases Working Group - Annual Meeting

Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany, November 10-12, 2000


Stan Blum & Anton Güntsch:
The biological collection profile: a basis for integrating collection information systems. Keynote address. [Abstract]

Charles Copp: 
The UK Biodiversity Network Data Model and its implementation in Recorder 2000. Keynote address. [Abstract]

Claude De Broyer, Paul-André Duchesne, Charles Vander Linden, F. Van Roozendael, K. Jazdzewski, G.Chapelle, R. Munn & Y. Scailteur:
An "Antarctic Marine Biodiversity Reference Centre" devoted to amphipod crustaceans. Poster. [Abstract]

Steven Dessein, Peter Schols & Erik Smets:
MacTaxon: towards a new system for managing plant taxonomic data. Poster. [Abstract]

Gerald Guala:
Lessons from the virtual herbarium. Presentation. [Abstract]

Jörg Habersetzer:
Digital imaging at the Senckenberg Museum. Presentation. [Abstract]

Gregor Hagedorn, Dagmar Triebel & Markus Weiss: 
LabelScan: a tool to optimize the establishment of big collection information systems using selective label data transcription. Presentation and computer demonstration. [Abstract]

Andrea Hahn, Jasmin Jakupovic, Fotini Tsichrintzis, Christa Zdero & Walter G. Berendsohn: 
The Bohlmann Files - A database of natural substances in the Compositae. Poster. [Abstract]

Linda L. Hill: 
Biological collections to digital gazetteers: placenames and site referencing. Keynote address. [Abstract]

Hong Song:
'Flora On-line' and the Flora of China databases. Presentation. [Abstract]

Robert Huxley:
Planning and resourcing a digital imaging project at The Natural History Museum, London. Presentation.

Robert Huxley, Steve Cafferty & Anne Hume: 
Digitised access to NHM (The Natural History Museum) historical collections. Poster. [Abstract]

Oleksiy V. Knyazhnitskiy, R. Richard Monk, Nick C. Parker & Robert J. Baker:
Assignment of global information system coordinates to classical museum localities for relational database analyses. Poster. [Abstract]

Karl-Heinz Lampe & K. Riede: 
Digitizing entomological collections: a practical guide and experiences. Poster. [Abstract]

Liliana Lara: 
Informatic tools for the management of biodiversity information. Poster and presentation. [Abstract]

Jacques Le Renard:
TAXIS, a taxonomic information system for managing large biological collections. Presentation and computer demonstration. [Abstract]

Stefano Martellos: 
ITALIC - The information system on Italian lichens. Online demonstration. [Abstract]

Rudolf May:
Floristic mapping data in German plant information systems. Poster and presentation. [Abstract]

Lothar Menner & Michael Türkay: 
SeSam - a web-based collection management system. Presentation. [Abstract]

Mingguang Li & Suhua Shi: 
Practical standardisation method of herbarium databases. Presentation. [Abstract]

Wouter Los, Yde de Jong, Verner Michelsen, Per de Place Bjørn & Nicolas Bailly: 
The Fauna Europaea Project.  Poster. [Abstract]

R. Richard Monk & Robert J. Baker:
e-Vouchers and some applications of digital imagery in natural history collections. Poster. [Abstract]

Robert A. Morris & Jun Wan:
XML-schemas for descriptive taxon treatments. Computer presentation. [Abstract] 

Jörg Ochsmann:  
TaxCat 2: Database of botanical taxonomic categories. Poster and online demonstration. [Abstract]

Jörg Ochsmann, Norbert Biermann, Helmut Knüpffer & K. Bachmann: 
Mansfeld's World database of agricultural and horticultural crops. Poster and online demonstration. [Abstract]

Simon J. Owens & Alyson Prior: 
Beset with pitfalls-specimens and databases, intellectual property and copyright.  Keynote address. [Abstract]

Francisco Pando de la Hoz: 
Bibmaster - a database application for nomenclature, literature and specimen management. Presentation and computer demonstration. [Abstract]

Klaus Riede & Karl-Heinz Lampe: 
Integration of GIS- and multimedia data into collection databases. Poster and computer demonstration. [Abstract]

Dominik Röpert, Heidemarie Nowak-Krawietz & Walter G. Berendsohn:
Digital imaging of specimens at the Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem. Presentation and on-line demonstration.  [Abstract]

Roemantyo, Bambang Hartoko, Suhardjono, Ibnu Maryanto, Basuki B. Mulyono & S. E. Pratignjo:
Indonesia Biodiversity Information System (IBIS): an application system for biological collection management in Indonesia. Poster. [Abstract]

Sabine Roscher:
The use of geographic information systems in a multi-database retrieval system for plant genetic resources. Poster. [Abstract]

Sabine Roscher:
Federal Information System on Genetic Resources (BIG).  Presentation. [Abstract]

Guillaume Rousse & Régine Vignes:
Hypertext exploration of systematic collections databases - From DB2Web to OSIS browser. Computer demonstration. [Abstract]

Suhua Shi & Mingguang Li: 
Recent development of biological data bases in China. Poster and presentation. [Abstract]

M. Tulig, A. P. Kirchgessner & K. E. Indoe: 
Botanical information management at The New York Garden: herbarium specimen imaging project. Poster. [Abstract]

Alain Vander Velde: 
Biodiversity resources in Belgium, a database on internet. Computer demonstration. [Abstract] 

Jens Vaske & Focke Albers: 
karIS (karyological information system). Poster. [Abstract]

Luc P. M. Willemse: 
Digitising the collection of National Herbarium Netherlands: 4 years and 250.000 collections later. [Abstract] 

Mary McGee Wood, Susannah Lydon, Robert Huxley & David Sutton:
MultiFlora: Automatic compilation of accurate taxonomic databases from multiple non-computerised sources. Poster. [Abstract]

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